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What We Do | Our Mission

Successful Aging means something different to everyone, but our goal is to ensure that you can live safely in the setting you desire, whether that be at home or an enhanced-care setting.


We believe that planning for the transitions that life presents makes all the difference. Our trained social workers coordinate directly with your family to ensure safe and successful aging. We also maintain ongoing contact to facilitate successful transitions as changes in health occur. 

How We Do It | Building a Plan


We build a plan tailored to you. Our caseworker conducts an interview with your family to determine goals and health needs. Next, our caseworker and elder law attorneys work together to develop a plan and determine how you can pay for the care you need by coordinating the use of private funds and public benefits.


Finally, the plan is implemented with your family and we provide ongoing support on a monthly basis to ensure ongoing success. At all points, we are with you.

What We Charge | Affordable Cost

Successful Aging should be affordable to everyone, with transparent pricing. We charge a flat-fee for plan creation ($500.00) and an ongoing monthly service fee of $25.00 per month. Successful Aging clients enjoy an 80% discount for any elder law legal services provided by the attorneys at Cressman Erde Ferguson


Our goal is to ensure that individuals and families in our community are able to age in ways that promote dignity, independence, and autonomy. 

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